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 Chinese Steamed Dim Sum


Fried Dim Sum

Steaming has played a major role in Oriental cooking for three thousand years, archeologists have uncovered stone steaming devices in the province of Yunnan to verify this. Today traditional Bamboo steamers are used and have proved to be the best way to preserve the delicate texture and flavour of Dim Sums amongst other delicacies. Probably the most well known “fried dim sums” are vegetable or minced pork spring rolls, War Tip (also known as Japanese Gyoza) Wu Gok (Deep fried Taro in fluff pastry). Along with chefs numerous culinary creations. These are all extremely tasty starters and go fantastically well with a “pint” whether it be Lager or Beer.

 Chinese Steamed Buns

 Fusion Food

dim-sum-buns-product fusion-food-product
In order to truly be considered a Dim Sum restaurant they must have “Char Sui Bao” on the menu. Char Sui Bao is a steam bun filled with honey roast pork and is one of the most popular dim sums. The Char Sui (Slow roasted pork) is diced and mixed into oyster sauce, hoisin sauce and a mixture of selected oils and vinegars. These can then either be steamed or baked. Sam Pan have a whole range of savoury to sweet buns which you can steam, bake or deep fry. We are sure you will not be able to resist the aroma and taste of this very special treat. Although Oriental cuisine is our main specialty, it is by no means the only thing on the menu. For the last ten years we have been working tirelessly with selected major food distributors to develop Western and Indian fusion dishes to accompany our ever expanding menu to supply your every need.  As a result we have created a new range of tastes and flavours, which we are sure will become popular for their originality.
Sam Pan brings quality and originality to your table to further enhance your total Oriental food experience.